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Food is a gift from God and today it is a google confusion. Yet, what most Christians don’t realize is the spiritual and physical connection. It is as much a spiritual battle as a physical one. Why? 

Because just as you are physical, you are spiritual. 

At Biblical Nutrition Academy, our teacher and health coach, Annette Reeder, along with other like-minded coaches, help you discover and study God’s Word for answers. In these courses, you will learn to: 

  • Identify the thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you from enjoying the life God designed for you.
  • Break free from the diet-hype and calm the chaos faced in the grocery store and in the pantry.
  • Realize the roles prayer and praise play in your health journey, both physically and spiritually.
  • Identify the science of God’s design of your body and the miracle it is.
  • Create a healthy microbiome that makes living more enjoyable.  
  • How to be your healthiest weight ... forever!
  • Not be conformed to this world but be transformed through your health to the abundant life God intended.
  • Step away from the 21st Century way of living, which is incongruous with God's recipe for excellent health, and step into His perfect plan.

A transformation in spiritual and biblical health is what awakens when you see God's design for YOU!

All Courses

Need help getting started?

The list below offers some suggestions for getting the most effective results on your journey as a Biblical Nutrition Academy student.

The Perfect Place to Start: FREE 7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health!

Start with these 7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health (And 3 Lies that Prevent It). This E-Book includes the priority steps for everyone to take who is ready for biblical health. What is biblical health? Teacher and coach Annette Reeder answers this question and more in this FREE eBook. Click the green button below to get started.

The Daniel Fast

After working through the 7 Steps for Amazing Biblical Health E-Book, The Daniel Fast is the next step in the journey. The Daniel Fast is a chance to take a break from the regular eating routine and set 21 days aside to change food while hearing from God. The purpose of any fast is freedom. A new freedom to hear God in a fresh way and to put aside reliance on food. Break the bonds of strongholds by turning them over to God and feel the yolk being lifted as you engage in this spiritual discipline. The Daniel Fast is a 21-Day adventure complete with all the resources needed to plan a successful fast. This course includes meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and daily devotionals to aid you on this spiritual journey. Click the button to enroll now.

40 Day Transformation Spiritually & Physically

Move on to the 40 Day Transformation or the Inner Circle

After completing 7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health and the Daniel Fast, (not required) you are ready to begin the 40 Day Transformation. This one-of-a-kind course will transform your life through beliefs, eating, fasting and exercise. Learn from Annette Reeder how to make changes that lead to a lifetime of success spiritually and physically. Another diet is not what you are missing. Your beliefs are bottling your success. When beliefs are in agreement with God’s Word for you then the weight, pain, depression fade away. This course will lead you through 40 days of awareness, vision and results. Although, it will take longer than 40 days to complete, if you follow the guidelines it will not take 40 years! We promise!

Inner Circle Membership

This unique coaching program connects the physical and spiritual like nothing you have experienced before. Coaches include Rhonda who helps you conquer mealtime, Carol who helps you conquer and establish prayer time and Annette who helps you conquer beliefs. It is a recipe that fits everyone: all ages, all backgrounds, and all beliefs. Once you are aware of the root of the problem suppressing your health through this unique coaching program then the results happen suddenly! This Inner Circle Membership is where real changes occur. Inner Circle is the most comprehensive of all courses. Membership includes the Academy’s top product, Physically and Nutrition Assessment Questionnaire and additional resources, tools and courses exclusive to the Inner Circle. The vault of information to continue learning is ever growing. Enjoy valuable live coaching, accountability and consistent support in a more personal, interactive environment. For best results, it is highly recommended to complete the 7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health and start the 40 Day Transformation course prior to joining the Inner Circle.

Meet Your Health Coach

Annette Reeder

The Biblical Nutritionist

Overweight, sick, and depressed; these words described Annette Reeder. That is, until she decided to look to the Bible for answers. This new perspective changed her life! Annette is passionate about sharing what she’s learned regarding caring for our spiritual and physical body. She is a graduate of Huntington College and Liberty University with a BS in Nutrition and Diploma in Biblical Studies. Annette is Brain Health Professional Certified and a professional member of the NANP (National Association of Nutrition Professionals and the ASN (American Society for Nutrition). Through videos, books, online courses, and recipes, Annette’s teachings make getting healthy and staying there simple. Just as the apple brings nutrition immediately to the cells, her wisdom brings immediate change in how you view your body and your decisions to care for it!


“I finished my 21 day Daniel fast yesterday and I feel so good physically and spiritually. I want to praise God for guiding me to biblical nutrition videos and I pray that God will bless Annette and her team with His grace and guidance to help more people like me to better health physically and spiritually! Thank you Annette so much! ♥️🙏🏽”


“I started my journey to healthier eating and growing even closer to God May 12th. I finished the 21 Days and have moved on to the 40 Day Transformation. I’m following Annette’s advice of taking whatever time I need to move through it. I am down 22 pounds...”

Marla T.

“From size 14 to size 8... I never thought it would be possible... And the changes continue to happen. Thank you!”

Laura O.

“I loved your offering plate story, now when I plan my meals it is more about what will benefit my body - therefore my testimony, I mean my Tastimony - is a reflection of that offering.”

Kim S.

“ I tend to be a great starter of programs then die away so knowing my personality I have to rein my enthusiasm. The wonderful thing though about the 40 day program is how it is more focused on our walk and mindset straight out of the gate.... and this is the area I KNEW needed addressing first and foremost as I didn't really want to look into the abyss. HE is working on me slowly and surely.”


“Thank you for sharing the Lord's wisdom from the Bible. It's so rewarding and amazing how us humans forget who really is our Savior and true love. Thanks, Annette, for teaching us to become better humans. I am learning a lot from your 40-day transformation course and have been experiencing results. I am also going to read more into your books. Learning so much, and I am blessed.”


“I'm doing the 40-day transformation program, and I can't believe I lost 16 lbs in 12 days! My eating habits has gotten better, my sleeping patterns have improved a lot, and I am no longer the cranky person I used to be. I am changing and feeling better each day. This is awesome, and I don't feel deprived at all. Thank you so much for helping us.”


Purchase Guarantee

Just as there are 7 foods in the promised land and 7 days of creation, we offer a 7-day 100% full refund.  

We know transformations take time and the world offers quick fixes which always break. Our teaching is in-depth, and the mindset shift will take time to first believe and second to implement. Therefore, we offer a 40-day guarantee to learn the truths of God's Word and start applying it. If during those 40 days, you wish to stop learning biblical truths and gaining this incredible knowledge then we will give you a prorated refund.  

We look forward to hearing your tastimonies (God's grace with the flavor of food) of how God has helped transform your health physically and spiritually.

Your breakthroughs matter to us! Your transformation is only one choice away!