The Daniel Fast was where it all started for me.

 It was the beginning of complete life change for me and my family.

Learn how we went from living with cancer and obesity to living a life of freedom through a healthy biblical lifestyle, all because we committed to a Daniel Fast.

These are the changes my family saw after our first Daniel Fast:

  • Cholesterol dropped from 300 - 140
  • Triglycerides fell from 900 - 160
  • Mood swings - almost gone
  • My husband and I together lost 35 pounds
  • Ability to eat healthier foods - new cravings for healthy Bible based foods!

Course Benefits

  • 63 delicious Daniel Fast breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes plus a bonus of 50 extra recipes!
  • A Daniel Fast Shopping Guide to know what you are buying is Daniel Fast approved
  • Daniel Fast teaching and cooking videos
  • A 21-day meal plan that can be adjusted to fit your family using the many provided recipes
  • Daily encouragement from a seasoned faster to make sure you stick to it and finish strong
  • Meet new friends and be encouraged by others on the online community


“I never thought to do the Daniel fast until I came across your channel. So grateful that I did because after many years of knee pain I couldn’t run like I use to. Then when I started the Daniel fast within a couple days no inflammation! Praise God! I’m running like I used to years ago now. This definitely also helped my walk with the Lord in submitting and surrendering to Him during the fast.”

Diane C.

“Last day of fast and I had no clue of the blessing and benefits of fasting and prayer. God has restored not only my soul and health but my household. God bless you Annette...continue the works placed in you.”


“Thank you so much for everything you say and do. I'm 55 years old was at one point over 200 pounds. I found you and heard about the Daniel fast. I lost 21 pounds in 21 days. I feel so good plus I have been brought closer to God. God bless you and don't stop what you are doing”


Course Curriculum

    1. Best Way to Use This Course

    2. Introductory Questions

    3. Important Downloads

    4. Prepare Your Pantry and Prepare Your Heart

    5. Foods to Prepare

    6. Remove Temptations

    7. This Activity Will Get Your Kids Excited to Join You

    8. Testimony: "Don't Eat With Your Eyes, But With Your Mind"

    1. 7 Steps to a Successful Daniel Fast

    2. Make Up Your Mind

    3. Make a Commitment

    4. Make a Plan

    5. Make Preparations

    6. Make Healthy Foods a Delight

    7. Make Time for Prayer and Meditation

    8. Make Praises

    9. Your Goals

    1. Daniel Fast Meal Prepping with Rhonda

    2. Daniel Fast Menu and Recipes - Week 1

    3. Testimony: God is Already Revealing Himself

    4. What is a Name?

    5. What is Your Identity?

    6. What About Your Friends?

    1. Meal Prepping with Rhonda - Week 2

    2. Daniel Fast Menu and Recipes - Week 2

    3. Don't Quit

    4. The Benefits Of Detoxing Our Body

    5. Testimony: Daniel Fast Success Story

    1. Meal Prepping Week 3 With Rhonda

    2. Daniel Fast Menu and Recipes - Week 3

    3. Finish Strong

    4. The Gift Of Prayer

    5. Testimony: Finished the Daniel Fast and Ready to Move on to More!

About this course

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  • 114 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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Purchase Guarantee

Just as there are 7 foods in the promised land and 7 days of creation, we offer a 7-day 100% full refund.  

We know transformations take time and the world offers quick fixes which always break. Our teaching is in-depth, and the mindset shift will take time to first believe and second to implement. Therefore, we offer a 40-day guarantee to learn the truths of God's Word and start applying it. If during those 40 days, you wish to stop learning biblical truths and gaining this incredible knowledge then we will give you a prorated refund.  

We look forward to hearing your tastimonies (God's grace with the flavor of food) of how God has helped transform your health physically and spiritually.

Your breakthroughs matter to us! Your transformation is only one choice away!