Do you...

  • Wish there was a Bible verse that could help solve your health challenges?
  • Wonder why God does not heal you?
  • Look in the mirror and wonder where that fun and fit person went?
  • Feel out of shape, tired and self-conscious?
  • Want to be that energetic person yet - can’t find the time or energy?
  • Wish you could find a biblical eating and exercise plan that can fit a busy life?
  • Think that God has a plan for you but don’t know what it is?

I'm Annette and I know how you feel.

When I was a young mom, I gave everything to everyone - except me.


I struggled with weight, mindset, and health for years before I discovered the answers were in the Bible all along… they were just invisible to me.


The Bible says your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and this temple was in shambles.


I felt miserable. I felt fat, tired, ugly, and depressed.


So I tried diets, exercise plans...but nothing worked. It was SO HARD to get back on track, and I was discouraged. Then bitter.


At one point I was in our Escort wagon with my 8-year-old son. He looked at me and said, "Mom, why don't you smile anymore?"


I felt like my heart had just dropped out of my body.


It was clear to me looking at man's answers was detrimental to every area of my life. Something had to change.


During the next several years, we battled cancer in our home (and several other health challenges). 

Now that I was looking for answers instead of excuses, all those passages in the Bible addressing food and health leapt off the page. I started reading more carefully...more actively...realizing that the nutrition and health plan that I needed was right there!


The vision of what was possible in my life - had me on the edge of my seat - wanting more!


Finally, when I let God show me, I got the complete answer. I started losing weight and keeping it off. Without a DIET!


I felt energized, more confident, more happy with myself and with my relationships with friends and family. 


After going back to college for my Bachelor's in Nutrition and Biblical Studies, I have published over 600 YouTube videos, 37 blog posts, 8 nutrition and wellness courses, and 10 books!


I am ready to teach you God’s Recipe for Excellent Health!  And it starts with your vision. Are you ready to SEE God at work?


Are you ready to FEEL His presence in this area of your life?


Are you ready to truly BE happy?


This is not a diet.

This is a belief check!

Learn How to Achieve Optimal Health

  • Learn the truth about your identity in Christ
  • Learn how to understand what you believe and why - then transform those thoughts to agree with God’s Word.
  • Learn the keys to biblical fasting (It sounds impossible now, but it's not that hard!)
  • Learn God's recipe for losing weight and gaining health
  • Discover the foods that were designed for you
  • Learn the 3 Bible Diet Principles that will transform your life
  • Learn key tools to change the way you think and start seeing miracles in your health.

The 40 Day Course contains:

  • 40 Days of teaching to help you discover God’s blessing for your life
  • 7 "Movement" practices and guides that kick-start an active lifestyle
  • 7 Videos that show you exactly how to Begin a Spiritual and Physical discipline of Fasting (and stick to it!)
  • 11 Videos to guide you away from your negative thinking patterns to a self-affirming mindset. You will recognize your own beauty and learn how much God loves you.
  • 15 Trainings showing you the PRACTICAL ways to love the Abundant Health Recipe given to you in His Word.
  • Worksheets to help you put your knowledge into practice.
  • Hunger Satisfied Journal - our newest best-selling book - as a digital version, just for you!


  • How do I know this will work for me?

    The Bible holds the answers to every question. It really comes down to “Are you willing to follow the wisdom that God outlines for us (and that I help you see in the Scripture)? If you will trust your faith, I guarantee results!

  • What device can I watch the videos on?

    The videos are compatible with PC’s, Apples, iPhones, Androids and tablets.

  • What happens after I sign up?

    You will receive an email with links to videos and other course resources.

  • How much time does the coursework take?

    This is up to you. It is called a 40 Day Transformation, yet you can take as long as you want. I would suggest doing one step at a time. Schedule 15 minutes for each step. Then pray about that step until God says you can move on to the next step. Therefore, it might take you longer to work through the 40 days. This course works within your schedule and yet still brings you to the FREEDOM God created for you to experience.

  • When can I sign up for the Inner Circle Coaching group?

    The Inner Circle is the place where we come together for live coaching calls. We have 5 coaches to help you master the transformation of meal prepping, prayer, exercise, and mindset. Get started now on the 40 Day Transformation. Then, when the Inner Circle opens, you will be ready for greater rewards. The Inner Circle takes you to a new level of seeing God at work in your thoughts, actions, and results.

Purchase Guarantee

Just as there are 7 foods in the promised land and 7 days of creation, we offer a 7-day 100% full refund.  

We know transformations take time and the world offers quick fixes which always break. Our teaching is in-depth, and the mindset shift will take time to first believe and second to implement. Therefore, we offer a 40-day guarantee to learn the truths of God's Word and start applying it. If during those 40 days, you wish to stop learning biblical truths and gaining this incredible knowledge then we will give you a prorated refund.  

We look forward to hearing your tastimonies (God's grace with the flavor of food) of how God has helped transform your health physically and spiritually.

Your breakthroughs matter to us! Your transformation is only one choice away!