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How can a four-letter word, F-O-O-D be so confusing?

Man’s wisdom failed me. I was fat, tired, ugly and depressed. Aren’t Christians supposed to take care of the temple?
I had tried everything, nothing worked and I felt like a failure.
My marriage was in turmoil, as a mother, I was struggling and I was losing the battle against my health.
The enemy was winning and I was lost.
When my son asked me one day in the car, “Mom, why don’t you smile anymore?” I knew something HAD to change.
So I did the one thing I could do. Turned to scripture. What I found changed my entire life.
I learned God’s plan for my body, how he designed our foods and his pure love and acceptance of me.
You can too! Just look at what others have said about this course!

 ~ Joan P.

I want to Thank You for Your Teaching , Coaching, Dedication and Passion ... I have learned so much from Your Classes. Many Truths and Biblical Ones too.

One of them was eye opening. Give Yourself Credit. Don’t beat Yourself up when You slip, as We do at times. Find something good You did. And learn ...

For the Eating part it can be an emotional Roller Coaster, comfort when stressed, anxious, in decision making , then sometimes almost want to give up. Eating when not even Hungry. ( comfort ) Your Class and Coaching tips do make a difference in My Life both health wise and spiritually also. 

So again Thank You for Your Wisdom, Knowledge, Passion, Zeal and Love of Christ to help God’s Children. 

 ~ Linda M

Annette teaches from the Bible, she does not get wrapped up in fad diets or food legalism. I trust her, she bases her knowledge and what she teaches on God's word  She is such a blessing! 

 ~ Stacey F. 

I never knew the Bible had so much to say about food until I came across Annette, The Biblical Nutritionist. 

The Fastest Known Way to Stick to the Bible Diet and Be Satisfied

A plan that helps you learn what has been holding you back - AND LET IT GO!

A Biblical Health Journal that helps you TRANSFORM from man's ideas to God's principles that matter!
Give you the tools to never again be in distress about food!
Have CONFIDENCE in knowing God's plan is beautiful!
Enjoy the FREEDOM food and fasting can bring - spiritually and physically
Learn from the videos to take you step by step, shifting from negative thinking patterns to believing how beautiful you are and how much God loves you!
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