Cancer is a scary word, and an even scarier diagnosis. Having the tools and information to disarm cancer is the key to a calm and deliberate approach to preventing the disease and conquering the diagnosis.

  • Learn the best starting place for preventing cancer.

  • Learn to live life Alive and Abundantly as God designed you to live.

  • Unleash your God-given healing using proven steps to conquer cancer and prevent recurrence.


Learn the elements of diet and lifestyle that create an environment where cancer cells cannot thrive. Build an environment where healthy cells thrive.


    What does God's Word teach us about cancer? Does meditation matter? How do I pray the answer?


    Feast on information to help you grow your knowledge of risk factors for all types of cancer, and reduce those risk factors.


    Learn how the body made up mostly of water utilizes it to heal compromised cells and help regenerate healthy cells..


    Learn the 9 areas of health most affected by sleep patterns and changes in the body's natural circadian rhythms.


    Learn 12 known benefits of regular exercise and how to neutralize accumulated stress in as little as 30 minutes.

  • FOOD

    Learn the value of cruciferous foods, fats, dairy products to a boosting cancer fighting immunities.


    Get answers to questions about good bacteria vs. bad bacteria, how and why to cleanse and detox the gut.


    Learn 8 proven ways to turn off unhealthy stress in your life for prevention and for healing.


    Know how toxins interfere with human physiology and how to reduce toxic load in the body, home and environment.


    Learn the difference between good estrogen and bad estrogen and how simple changes can tip the scales in your favor.


    There are so many options. Find all the resources in one place no matter if you are going traditional treatment or natural.


    For energy and stamina, food matters. For immunity - food matters. Enjoy these delicious recipes for healing every day of your life.

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Two fabulous instructors: Annette Reeder with her wisdom and Ginny Brandt with her Knowledge

Cancer prevention is not a secret - it is derived from God given wisdom and knowledge.

Annette Reeder

The Biblical Nutritionist

Overweight, sick, and depressed; these words described Annette Reeder. That is, until she decided to look to the Bible for answers. This new perspective changed her life! Annette is passionate about sharing what she’s learned regarding caring for our spiritual and physical body. She is a graduate of Huntington College and Liberty University with a BS in Nutrition and Diploma in Biblical Studies. Annette is Brain Health Professional Certified and a professional member of the NANP (National Association of Nutrition Professionals and the ASN (American Society for Nutrition). Through videos, books, online courses, and recipes, Annette’s teachings make getting healthy and staying there simple. Just as the apple brings nutrition immediately to the cells, her wisdom brings immediate change in how you view your body and your decisions to care for it!

Ginny Brant

Cancer Prevention Coach

Ginny’s platform of faith, family, freedom and lifestyle changes communicates relevant truths, which enable teenagers and women to prioritize their lives and use their freedoms to glorify Christ with an eternal perspective. She is the author of "Finding True Freedom: From the White House to the World." Endorsed by Chuck Colson and Mike Huckabee, it traces their father-daughter journey and her simple prayer that took them from their days in the White House and Watergate to the mission field of Romania. Ginny's second book was written after her journey with aggressive breast cancer, "Unleash Your God-Given Healing: Eight Steps to Prevent and Survive Cancer". She is vibrant and healthy today. Her cancer prevention blog can be accessed at

Course curriculum

    1. One Important Step Before You Get Started ...

    2. An Important Question Before We Get Started

    3. Two Courses In One!

    4. How Does the Bible Help Conquer Cancer?

    5. The Wake Up Call

    6. God Will Reveal His Secrets

    1. What is Cancer?

    2. Prevention is Real

    3. Healing - You Have a Part In It

    4. Follow Up - To Live Victoriously

    1. What to Expect in Part 2: Unleash Your God Given Healing

    2. Ginny Dent Brant and the Book She Never Wanted to Write

    3. Important Statistics

    4. Chapter 1: Unleash Your Healing

    5. Risk Factors for All Cancers

    6. Four Things to do After a Cancer Diagnosis

    7. Chapter 1 - Questions to Consider

    1. Unleash Your Healing - Chapter 2 Hydration

    2. How Much?

    3. Liver Health - 14 FOODS THAT PROTECT THE LIVER

    4. Foods to Avoid for Liver Health

    5. Questions to Consider

    6. Bonus Resources

    7. 7 Reasons to Drink More Water

    1. Unleash Your Healing Chapter 3 - Sleep

    2. Questions to Consider

    3. Cancer & Sleep Connection

    1. Unleash Your Healing Chapter 4 - Exercise

    2. Chapter 4: Questions to Consider

    3. Bonus Resources

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