A Prayer Course That Changes Lives

Have you ever shook your fist at God, or perhaps had tears wet your pillow night after night? 

But still, no answers to your prayers.

Many engage in this exhausting effort, wondering if God will ever answer, whether He's listening or even cares.

Is there a secret on the effective way to pray?

No secret, but rather, a sure path to present petitions, to declare what is true and proclaim God's Word that already states the outcome.

Through this course, I will present real-life stories to illustrate the powerful way in which God showcases His miracles.

Read from others who have taken this course

“Our world has changed. People are sinking in fear and worry. That’s why this course on prayer is just what we need to learn effective prayer, where to focus, what to speak, and how to believe. This course will transform the way we make our requests before God and how we express our needs. “Instead of praying the problem, pray the promise” is only one insight so clearly presented in this life-changing course. ”

Janet Perez Eckles International speaker, author and founder of JC Empowerment Ministries

“Carol's teaching on prayer is essential. It built my faith in our God Who loves to show Himself strong on behalf of His people. There are many deep, rich truths about prayer in this course that need to be learned, understood, and APPLIED. These are examples of the effectual, fervent type of prayers that avail much and we need to be praying like this today! It will challenge you and cause you to rethink what prayer really is. The material is presented in such a powerful way, with a testimony of God's mighty intervention in each segment of the course.”

Darlene Streiker

Course curriculum

    1. One Important Step Before Getting Started

    2. Getting to Know the Author ~ Carol Graham

    3. How to Benefit Most From This Course

    1. Chapter 1 ~ Go Home and Die

    2. Chapter 1 - Time to Reflect. FAITH

    3. Chapter 2 ~ What Is Prayer?

    4. Chapter 2 - Time to Reflect. Assurance God hears us

    5. Chapter 3 ~ Decide What You Need

    6. Chapter 3 - Time to Reflect. What do we need from God?

    7. Chapter 4 ~ Understanding Your Authority

    8. Chapter 4 - Time to Reflect. FEAR

    9. Chapter 5 ~ Pray the Answer Not the Problem

    10. Chapter 5 - Time to Reflect. Pray the Answer

    11. Chapter 6 ~ How to Understand God's Will

    12. Chapter 6 - Time to Reflect. God's Will

    13. Chapter 7 ~ The Power in the Prayer of Agreement

    14. Chapter 7 - Time to Reflect. Prayer of Agreement

    15. Chapter 8 ~ The Prayer That Unlocks Heaven

    16. Chapter 8 - Time to Reflect. Anointing

    17. Chapter 9 - Authority and Ammunition

    18. Chapter 9 - Time to Reflect. Authority

    19. Chapter 10 ~ The Power of Praying in the Spirit

    20. Chapter 10 - Time to Reflect. Praying in the Spirit

    21. Chapter 11 ~ How Do I Share the Salvation Message?

    22. Chapter 11 - Time to Reflect. Leading Someone to Christ

    23. Chapter 12 ~ Praying Out of Our Comfort Zone

    24. Chapter 12 - Time to Reflect. Your Comfort Zone

    25. Chapter 13 ~ Beyond Shame

    26. Chapter 13 - Time to Reflect. Beyond Shame

    27. Chapter 14 - An Angel with a Message

    28. Chapter 14 - Time to Reflect

    29. Chapter 15 - It's Never Too Late

    30. Chapter 15 - Time to Reflect

    31. Chapter 16 - Believe That You Receive

    1. Hope vs. Fatih

    2. 3 Steps to Hearing the Voice of God

    3. Logos Word vs The Rhema Word

    4. The Biggest Battle for Every Believer

About this course

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  • 38 lessons

What if YOU knew how to pray for miracles?

Complete this course and change your prayer life forever!

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  • Personal coaching

    Yes ~ this additional bonus is available at checkout. Carol offers two one-on-one coaching on prayer (or life) coaching! Totally incredible to have personal time with Carol.

  • Battered Hope

    Included in the Bonus Add-On is Carol's memoir: Battered Hope. If anyone can help you in a crisis, Carol CAN! She has survived cancer, rape, abuse, loss of a child and much more! She chose to be a victor instead of a victim.


Everyone has a story. Your journey has made you who you are. Learning how to take any negative aspect of that story and turn it into a positive will reap incredible results. Changing your mindset from hopeless to hopeful is achievable. This is not a positive thinking program but one that teaches the listener to use tools that change their focus. Learn how to see yourself as who you were meant to be and not allow your circumstances to control you.

Purchase Guarantee

Just as there are 7 foods in the promised land and 7 days of creation, we offer a 7-day 100% full refund.  

We know transformations take time and the world offers quick fixes which always break. Our teaching is in-depth, and the mindset shift will take time to first believe and second to implement. Therefore, we offer a 40-day guarantee to learn the truths of God's Word and start applying it. If during those 40 days, you wish to stop learning biblical truths and gaining this incredible knowledge then we will give you a prorated refund.  

We look forward to hearing your tastimonies (God's grace with the flavor of food) of how God has helped transform your health physically and spiritually.

Your breakthroughs matter to us! Your transformation is only one choice away!