Do you know how to pray for miracles?

You shook your fist at God, or perhaps tears wet your pillow night after night. 

But still, no answers to your prayers.  

Many engage in this exhausting effort, wondering if God will ever answer, whether He's listening or even cares.

Is there a secret on the effective way to pray? 

No secret, but rather, a sure path to present petitions, to declare what is true and proclaim God's Word that already states the outcome.

Through this course, Carol Graham, author and speaker will present her real-life stories to illustrate the powerful way in which God showcases His miracles. 

You'll learn the difference between passive praying and powerful praying.

Many Christians do not know how to pray the answer according to God's word. This course will show you how. 

Read how this teaching is changing lives ...

"Carol's teaching on prayer is essential. It built my faith in our God Who loves to show Himself strong on behalf of His people. There are many deep, rich truths about prayer in this course that need to be learned, understood, and APPLIED.  These are examples of the effectual, fervent type of prayers that avail much and we need to be praying like this today! 

It will challenge you and cause you to rethink what prayer really is. The material is presented in such a powerful way, with a testimony of God's mighty intervention in each segment of the course." -- Darlene Streicker  

"Our world has changed. People are sinking in fear and worry. That’s why this course on prayer is just what we need to learn effective prayer, where to focus, what to speak, and how to believe. This course will transform the way we make our requests before God and how we express our needs. 

“Instead of praying the problem, pray the promise” is only one insight so clearly presented in this life-changing course." --Janet Perez Eckles  International speaker, author, and founder of JC Empowerment Ministries

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What if YOU knew how to pray for miracles?

Complete this course and change your prayer life forever!