What is Fasting?

Fasting - for Daniel and Esther it was life to them and their people.

Yet - today most Christians haven't unveiled this amazing discipline in their daily journey.

Did you know going without to gain within brings you closer to the abundant life you have been praying for?

Did you know physically all cells in the body are improved through fasting!

Did you know research is continuing to reveal how fasting can bring healing to over 100 diseases?

Yet - we as Christians were told from the beginning to fast!

So what happened to that teaching?

It was swept under the rug of inconvenience.


TODAY - through this course I am going to teach you every step to fasting enjoyably. Yes, that is possible.

I am going to teach you:

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Biblical Fasting
  • Daniel Fasting
  • Esther Fasting
  • How to Fast
  • When to Fast
  • Why to Fast
  • What is Autophagy

PLUS ~ this course is yours with no deadline - use it as a resource every time you fast.

Course curriculum

    1. Start Here

    2. Download Your Handbook for the 6 Week Class Here

    3. Week 1: Welcome to Fasting

    4. Week 2: Fasting Is About Awakening in Us a New Hunger for God

    5. Week 3: Daniel and Prevention

    6. Week 4: For Such a Time as This

    7. Week 5: Revival for God to Work in and Through You

    8. Week 5 Physical Accomplishments of Fasting

    9. Week 6 Fasting & Feasting; Learn to Expect

    1. Start Here: Fasting

    2. What is Fasting?

    3. Isaiah 58 - Hear the Power in These Verses

    4. What a Fast is Not

    5. Why Fast?

    6. Biblical Examples of Fasts

    7. Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

    8. Physical Benefits of Fasting

    9. Mental & Emotional Benefits of Fasting

    10. Types of Fasts ~ Several Options

    1. How Fasting Was Used in Scripture

    2. The Ezra Fast ~ To Solve Problems

    3. Ready to Fast for Problems? Ezra Fast Quiz

    4. The Elijah Fast ~ Fasting to Break Crippling Fears and Mental Breakthrough

    5. The Daniel Fast ~ Fasting for Health & Physical Healing

    6. The Daniel Fast - Did he really say that?

    7. Now Let's Apply What We Learned

    8. The Samuel Fast ~ To Share Christ

    9. The John the Baptist Fast ~ Influence

    10. The Widow's Fast ~ Provision

    11. The Jesus Fast ~

    12. The Disciples Fast ~ Freedom

    1. When is the Purpose of Fasting Important for Christians

    2. Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Fasting ~ How to Succeed

    3. 15 Reasons Why Fasting is Good for Your Health~ Physically and Spiritually

    4. Q & A with Annette in Regards to Fasting

    5. Does Stevia Break a Fast?

    6. Stem Cells for Healing

About this course

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  • 70 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content

Begin Your Fasting Journey Today

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