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Each month you will receive a beautiful PDF download that is filled with nutritional and spiritual wisdom from Annette and her team! These PDFs will coincide with what Annette, Rhonda and Carol are teaching in the Inner Circle Coaching Group.
These PDF's will be offered for sale on our website for $10 - $20. Yet, you can receive yours FIRST at the discount of $7 by being a member of the PDF of the Month!

What is Coming in 2022

The teachings of Rhonda Carroll, Carol Graham and Annette Reeder have brought people to a deeper understanding of how God desires a personal relationship with Him. These teachings will be expanded in 2022 and now you can get a small glimpse through the exclusive PDF of the Month before they go on sale for a higher price.

  • How to Understand the Difference Between the Spoken WORD and the Written WORD

  • Fermenting Cooking

  • How Weight Loss and Cancer are Connected. How to Break That Connection

Your Monthly Files

Your monthly PDF files can be viewed or downloaded as often as you like.

    1. Health Score Card

    2. Salad Recipe Book

    3. Memory Verse Cards - Beliefs

    1. 30 Days of Weight Loss to Prevent Cancer

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