This December can be different!

Are you feeling guilty about your weight gain during the holidays?

This course can help you break the cycle of weight gain and feel confident in yourself again.

You’ll not only improve your health, but you’ll also gain a renewed appreciation for family time and fellowship. This online course is a gift that you’ll purchase for yourself, but your friends and family will be gifted by the positive impacts!

Many of the lessons in this course are video lessons. We have recorded these during a series of coaching calls that up to now were accessible only to Biblical Nutrition Academy Inner Circle members. 

It started with a challenge. Inner Circle members accepted the challenge to change the way we enter the holiday season and break the cycle of weight gain. This cycle can also bring the feeling of guilt into the new year.

It was a tremendous success! Everyone who accepted the challenge experienced more than a few pounds lost. 

Mindset changes happened! 

A boost in confidence happened! 

Renewed appreciation for family time and fellowship happened!

These successes are the very reason this course is now available for you to experience as well!

Transformation Starts Now