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Stressed ~ Depressed ~ Overweight

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How can a four-letter word, F-O-O-D be so confusing?

Man’s wisdom failed me. I was fat, tired, ugly and depressed. Aren’t Christians supposed to take care of the temple?

I had tried everything, nothing worked and I felt like a failure.

My marriage was in turmoil, as a mother, I was struggling and I was losing the battle against my health.

The enemy was winning and I was lost.

When my son asked me one day in the car, “Mom, why don’t you smile anymore?” I knew something HAD to change.

So I did the one thing I could do. Turned to scripture. What I found changed my entire life.

I learned God’s plan for my body, how he designed our foods and his pure love and acceptance of me.

You can too! 

Learn to Achieve the Health Designed for You

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