Biblcal Nutrition Academy Inner Circle

The personal coaching group that equips you to live life with joy and energy, less weght, better health and greater spiritual insight!

Meet Your New Health Coaches

Annette Reeder
Nutrition and Mindset Coach

Carol Graham
Prayer Coach

Rhonda Carroll
Meal Prep Coach

The inner circle is where LIFE transformations happen! Combine personal coaching with in-depth teaching on Praying ~ Fasting ~ Eating.

Start the transformation today!

This is not about guilt. This is not about regret. This IS about RESULTS!

If you could reach success in ONE area of your life, what would it be?

What if we could help you reach it faster with less effort?

That is what the Biblical Nutrition Academy Inner Circle is for - YOU! Learn to use your brain's cognition to ease anxiety, stress, worry and boredom. Learn to process emotion and create more energy. Learn to motivate yourself to get more done in less time. Learn how your BELIEFS are either hindering you or helping you. Be the healthiest YOU!


The Academy Library is full of teaching from Annette, Rhonda, Carol, and more to keep you learning about Biblical health!.

  • Prayer coaching calls weekly!

  • Meal prepping coaching bi-weekly.

  • Monthly challenges to keep you engaged and focused!

  • New Foodie Friends - those who sit at the table together and learn become lifelong friends - we have proven it!

What others are saying......

50 Pounds Lost!

Todd T.

For the first time in my stressful job I was able to lose 50 pounds and now I feel amazing! Thank you Annette!

Undisciplined Eating

by Tracey

"Such a blessing - I have never realized the spiritual problems I was dealing with were related to my undisciplined eating." Tracey

Able to go on a mission trip!


"After the Treasures class and your coaching I had the health I desired and was able to go on my first mission trip!"

My body is a Temple

Kim P.

Such a blessing - I have never realized the spiritual problems I was having till you shared the plate story, now when I plan my meals it is more about what will benefit my body - therefore my testimony, I mean my Tastimony - is a reflection of that offering." Kim

Pricing options

Start now to achieve your goals and beyond. Then continue to be encouraged with our numerous courses on cooking, praying, meditation, nutrition, and so much more! It is our goal to help you achieve and stay at the best health ~ spiritually and physically ~ as possible! Choose the price option that fits your goals!


When learned biblically LIFE transforms into one of beauty, less stress, amazing energy and awesome focus! All three are the recipe for our inner circle.

  • Eating

    Learn simple steps in eating to overcome: Emotional Eating ~ Obesity ~ Weight Problems ~ Digestive Upset ~ Mental Fog ~ Immune Issues

  • Fasting

    An amazing discipline often overlooked by Christians. Learn the art of using fasting for spiritual renewal ~ discovery ~ understanding God's plan for your life. Physically fasting helps break strongholds, food sensitivities, addictions, mental fog and so much more!

  • Prayer

    A simple discipline yet typically misunderstood and underused! Learn how to pray for answers ~ How to pray God's Word ~ Why it seems your prayers go unanswered ~ Never question your prayer life again! Learn to pray powerfully!


  • How often are the coaching calls?

    Coaching calls where you can ask questions and work on progress happen minimum of 2-4 times per week with noon and evening options. All calls are added to archive for listening later. Join and learn from the coaching call that fits where you are.

  • Is this an on-going membership?

    Yes, your success rate goes up over 55% when joined with a coach and accountability! For you to be your best we recommend the 12 month program. This is priced lower than most professional extreme coaching programs for one month! The best results happen when there is at least 6 months of coaching. Membership is a recurring payment.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes. Our goal is for everyone to graduate and become leaders in their church with the message of God's Recipe. Yet, the content is so good you may not want to leave. We are family and this is our dinner table.

  • What if I quit, can I start again?

    Yes, we love welcoming people back. We know if you decide to leave you are going to miss the family gatherings and teaching from Annette, Rhonda and Carol. We look forward to seeing you come back. Just be aware - the prices will never be less, they will be more in the future and your price today is locked in for life!

  • I love the courses, can I have access to this content if I leave the inner circle?

    More courses are added every month! There is much to share about cooking, health and the Bible. However, the courses are only for the inner circle. This is why the price is so low - to continue serving what you need!

  • What if I am at my perfect weight - will there be any benefit for me?

    Absolutely YES! There is so much to learn about biblical health! This will open doors to understanding your beliefs, fasting, cooking, health, prayer and meditation!

  • The price is so low for quality coaching - will this benefit me?

    You are so right! We agree! Yet to help you succeed we priced the inner circle with HIGH value and LOW cost. We know the world is crazy with ideas and false teaching. That is why we priced it low to keep you home for learning more. Sound biblical nutrition for physical and spiritual gain is worth staying a lifetime. We want you to stay till you confidently say "I got this!" The professional coaching from Annette Reeder and her team is exceptional! They will help you discover roadblocks and reach success.