Learn How To:

  • Use your brain and God’s Word to process emotions to win
  • Achieve your healthiest weight
  • Become more confident in ALL areas of life
  • Walk away from Emotional Eating
  • Truly KNOW how to pray for answers
  • Say goodbye to anxiety and depression
  • Fight and prevent cancer
  • Appreciate God's designed of your body

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Monthly Membership Benefits:

  • Multiple weekly coaching calls on topics for your physical, emotional, & spiritual transformation
  • Immediate Access to Exclusive Inner Circle video courses and a vault of library archives
  • 6 weeks of delicious menus - Includes recipes and shopping lists
  • Group challenges to keep you engaged
  • Experience how weight loss and healthy living happen -  through God's design
  • Learn the tools to help destroy obstacles that are keeping you stuck in health, anxiety, mindset and even a lack luster prayer life

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Establish Grounded Mindsets

It’s easy to understand the concept of mindset but it’s much harder to establish and maintain an effective one. We show you how grounding your mindset in God’s word strengthens your resolve. When you understand the WHY it’s much easier to act on the HOW. For example, when you understand God’s system, you’ll find it much easier to work within it rather than fight against it.

The Benefits of Confidence

Your confidence soars when you know that your mindset aligns with God’s plan. A positive mindset and increased confidence serve as the foundation for your subsequent transformation. Your faith will strengthen, your motivation will increase, your work will improve, and your relationships will feel more fulfilling. Learn how to anchor your mindset in scripture and banish doubt, indecision, and passivity forever!

Pricing Options

More than "just" Coaching!

When you become an Inner Circle Member, you gain access to an entire vault of courses and resources!

Take these informative courses at your own pace. Dive into the topics that you need the most! All past coaching calls are available and sorted for you to glean from!
Inner Circle Resources

Keys to Increase Your Prayer Power

Changing how you pray dramatically increases the power of prayer. I know what you’re thinking: you already know how to pray. That’s what everyone says. But new Inner Circle members inevitably blurt out, “I can’t believe I never knew this!” But simply learning how to “Pray the answer” will change what you’ve always believed about prayer! And once you shift your mindset, your prayer will enhance all the other aspects of your life.

The Secret to Fixing Your Broken Relationship with Food

This one hits home for me. Remember me telling you about my trips to Burger King? Food is much more complicated than “just eat less.” In our fast-paced lifestyle, it’s easy to fall into processed, on-demand choices and attempt to soothe stress with junk food. We’ll show you God’s plan for nutrition and simple strategies for acting on that plan.

Strategies for Fighting Cancer

While cancer deaths have decreased over the years thanks to medical technology, studies show that cancer diagnoses have dramatically increased. I would hypothesize that these increases can be attributed to technology gone awry. Genetically modified foods, processed foods, and fake foods all deviate from God’s nutritional plan and cause significant health concerns. We’ll show you whole foods that have been proven to fight cancer cells.

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  • What if I can't make the live calls?

    That is totally understandable. All calls are recorded and added to the ever expanding library vault for your access as long as you keep your membership.

  • Can I attend ALL the coaching calls?

    YES! We would love to meet you and watch your transformation happen quickly. Those who attend the live calls make the greatest progress! We are here to help you succeed either in the live calls or you can listen later.

  • Is this a one time fee or monthly fee?

    I love to have all the facts before I join any group. This is a monthly membership that you can cancel at any time.

  • How much time is suggested for this group?

    This is a personal preference. Some people once they attend the live calls - love it so much they are on live calls at least twice a week. Then there are more courses to take at your own time that could add to this time. Bottom line - I would recommend at least one hour per week and perhaps even more.

  • What times are the calls live?

    The calls will vary as to the time of day yet they are always listed in Eastern Standard Time.

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